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Capacity Coffee/tea     :60 L/h.
Hot water               :22 L/h
Instant volume          :20 Ltr.
Storage temp.           :ca. 80-85°C.
Electric conn.          :1x 440/60/3. 8,4 KW
                               1x 220/60/1. 0,8 KW
Marine execution
- Water inlet 3/4"
- Coffee machine with 2 containers each 10 ltrs.
- Construction of 18/9.
- Storm device for use on ships.
- Level gauge with non-drip cock.
- Preparation time of 10 Min./10 Ltr.
- complete and ready for use with:
  Containers fastened to base plate.
  Base plate with fastening bolts M8x60.
  For the central coffee- and tea supply, consisting of two flow
  through heaters in combination with two stainless steel containers.
  The machine is very easy to operate.
  The operation display gives admission to the control menus.
  These menus are secured and only the operators can use them with a PIN number.