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Installation       : Floor model

Size of pieces   : Comminuted max. 25mm

Capacity            : 700 Kg/h / 1450 covers

Motor                : 4.1 kW

Water cons.     : 12 litres/min.

Waste connect. : 54mm

Certified           : MARPOL

Marine Execution

- Higher capture rate - High capture rates improve

  the quality of the “grey water”.

- Self rinse system – Following each operation the

  machine undertakes a quick rinse cycle

  preventing any build up of food.

- Fully enclosed system - Prevents food entering the

  unit, keeping the machine clean and free

 of waste and reducing operational noise.

- Self-cleaning operation – WSI1700 can

 undertake a thorough clean ensuring the

 whole system is free of food and grease, vastly reducing the

 labour time required to operate the machine.

- Self emptying – This eliminates the need

  for staff to empty the auger assembly reducing labour times required

  to operate the machine

- Visual control panel - Kitchens are a noisy environment,

  WSI1700 incorporates a simple LED display to allow

  monitoring of the state of the equipment

  during operation.

  Intelligent electronic sensor – Detects

  when the bin is full.