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Installation       : Floor model

A single through unit is connected

at the end of a scrapping through

Capacity            : 900 Kg/h

Motor                : 4,0 KW

Running direct. : 2 ways

Water cons.     : 25 Liters/min.

Water control  : Automatic solenoid valve

                            operation in conjunction

                            with motor.

Waste connect. : 54mm pipe.

Marine execution

- Constructed for use on ships.

- Free standing model.

- Control box included.

- Built in motor protection.

- Smoothly running.

- Sufficient for 1800 covers/sitting.


- The food waste disposer has a motor

  of 4,0 KW. Thus this model has limits

  for what it can do.

  Heavy bones should be cut up before they

  are put into the machine.

  Control that ca. 25 l/m. of water are

  flowing through the machine by operation.

- In compliance with MARPOL Annex V